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If I never see you again
I will always carry you

on my fingertips
and at brain edges

and in centers
of what I am of
what remains.


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I always observe themes amongst the zodiac, and one of them being that many Aries become involved with the psychology and psychoanalytic industry; and if not as a profession, often a personal interest in the human mind - their own especially. I think this relates to the Arian’s soul purpose being to forge their independence and declare their personal and unique identity. The Sun in our chart symbolizes our soul’s aspiration, goal and what we strive for. As the first sign of the zodiac, it is the cosmic duty of Aries to experience multiple lived events and form a true identity to which they can express through. The soul purpose of the Aries associates very much with Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs; the pattern of attaining Physiological needs, Safety, Love/Belonging, Esteem and Self Actualization for ones self. Aries spend their life focused on attaining the primitive elements for the development of individualisation. Abraham Maslow, was also appropriately so, an Aries. 

As a Fire Sign, the energies around Aries are largely mental and frequencies raw and primitive. Their self psycho introspection is largely driven not by knowledge; but by their need to understand what assists or blocks their self expression. As the zodiac’s archetypal child sign, Arians lack the ability to objectively analyze themselves, and often study other people and the way they react to them. These individuals are immensely curious about how their own mind works, and why other people respond the way they do. Arians tend be acutely sensitive to abandonment because they heavily rely on others to form their actualization and understand themselves. Like their duality, Libra, at times the Aries does not feel ‘real’ unless somebody else is watching, and form the particles of their personality by the presence of other people received responses. Aries are constantly reforming themselves; their sense of self adapts with garnering knowledge, adventure and lived experience. There is no collective past to the Arian soul, and these individuals tend to find researching psychology, psychiatry and even the zodiac rewarding in developing insight into own behaviour and other people’s. The Arian personality is in the process of understanding social cues and can be perceived as hyperactive, flamboyant and elaborate; sometimes inappropriate and offensive. 

Aries are also known to psychologically test their loved ones, and themselves, by creating continual crises and throwing conflict into harmony. These individuals are threading the fragments of a personality, a brand new soul who is taking its first baby steps on the cosmic journey. The Aries lives many lives in one; soaking up a multitude of experiences and often changing their point of view multiple times along the way to keep up with their ‘newer’ self. These individuals may spend their lives throwing their inflammatory internal conflict into external reality; and often need a form of psychoanalysis to understand their own conduct and swallow the demon within. By the time we move onto Taurus, we begin to understand, who we are and what drives us- and with more self awareness and the development of fixed beliefs. Sometimes I also think Aries get so many bad headaches, because their vessels are constantly bursting with new experiences, values, and threads to weave into the forming personality; constantly soaking up the ‘very first’ again and again. 

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